FTP client upgrade firmware function could be turned-off. Goto “Control” then click “Shutdown”. After installing the UPSilon under Windows system, it works perfectly. If you are using version 2. RSS option for Event Log.

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Please upgrade the software to the latest version and make sure logon in administrator account if you are using windows operation system or above. Equipped with master switch and protected by circuit breaker. Unit restart after a few days while in 8-analog input mode.

Mega System Technologies

After installing the UPSilon under Windows system, it works perfectly. Disconnect the M cable from the UPS and restart again. Restart the UPS service after finished the configuration. But we fail to install it properly.

SMS is now in 7-bit and Unicode. Improved multiple SMS notification function. Fax2Email is a compact web-server used to convert incoming faxes and redirects it to email boxes. Support for IPv6 3. Forged with a more powerful CPU and kernel allows this model to meatec more. MSNswitch is designed to automatically power-cycle its outlet when either; a the internet connectivity is lost, or b the network device crashes.


These are supplied to UPS manufacturers, dealers or importers. Download the latest updated files from our site.

megatec(8) – Linux man page

BX and DX firmware 3. When the system power failure, the Windows NT thinks the power is not enough for running, so the system been shutdown immediately. It can also be used directly with a PC Protocol provided. If you are using version 2. Change default SSL key into bits.


When i click on it says: FTP client upgrade firmware function could be turned-off. Thus, making NetAgent II a versatile management tool. I have just upgraded my operating system and would like to know if the upsilon v2.

Event notification via e-mail, SMS or trap. But both the functions of close application and shutdown system were failed.

megatec(8) – Linux man page

For more information please [See product info]. NetProbe 2 is a sensor which can collect data from up to 8 channels of DC analog inputs or 4 channels of dry contact inputs.


BP external card BP internal card. Improved battery remaining time calculation. This power nerve centre gives you control over your electrical devices either through a network connection, modem dial-up or a telephone. Upgrade-able only if you have version 3. With this product, the user can remotely monitor, control these devices, check temperature, humidity and sent trap notification over the internet.

Improved calculation for remaining battery time. It acts like a watch-dog, making sure that the network device monitored is responding.

And most importantly, they are not for resale. In RUPSsome functions e.