But I’ve always the same problem! Wednesday, March 2, 7: Edited by subglo Monday, June 25, Wednesday, February 12, 2: Edited by Ronald Schilf Wednesday, September 3, 9:

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System just seems a bit sluggish. Tuesday, November 19, From the looks of this thread, this has been going on for a long time and this not an adequate response from any party.

Friday, June 6, 2: It has to do with thier new User Mode drivers. Saturday, January 31, Take a look at this.

LSI_SCSI driver errors? Win7x32 on WSr2x64 |VMware Communities

Saturday, June 9, 2: I created an account just to say thank you! Contact Email us Tell us what you think.

Go to work in the New Year holidays was too lazy back and forth 70 km. Get a load sdries that: Only the homepage has changed.


Saturday, November 8, 2: We have closed the call with HP but there isn’t a total resolution. Use the same process of updating the driver as listed in this feed and you should be set.

Thursday, August 21, 9: Friday, September 12, 2: I had the same problems on SBS More than six months after the case was logged, and without a fix, I felt it was justified. Has HP suggested replacing the Scsi card to anyone? I highly suggest you save the drivers as I’m not sure when this person will decide to remove it from their site. Hopefully you were able to resolve this issue already but if you havent.

Have turned off the following: See, what really stands HBA, was not possible. Thank you very much.

I have attached uultra320 print screen with this selection. I have a case number open with HP about this issue so I will bring it to their attention and see what they say.


Download and install LSI Logic LSI Adapter, Ultra320 SCSI 2000 series, w/1020/1030 driver

Best Regards, Chris Murdaugh. Please see the link below there is a download for the drivers at the bottom of the page. The tape drive has already been replaced but we have always the same problem.

Impossible to complete the backup.

Hopefully you have better luck. Wednesday, August 5, 9: So I uninstalled it and now the system does the trick. Search Results You searched for: