The amendments also require those companies to disclose in their annual reports on Form K where investors can obtain access to company filings, including whether the company provides access to its Exchange Act reports free of charge on its Internet website as soon as reasonably practicable after those reports are electronically filed with or furnished to the Commission. Accelerating the delivery of information to the capital markets will help enhance the efficient functioning of those markets. If conforming amendments are not made to keep these requirements parallel, a filing could conceivably be filed under the Securities Act with financial information less current than that filed under the Exchange Act. Some commenters did not think there was a reason to not also shorten deadlines for foreign filers. B days for fiscal years ending on or after December 15, and before December 15, ; and. We interpret the requirement to disclose the company’s website address to mean the website the company normally uses for its investor relations functions. Replace the phrase “after 45 days but within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year” with the phrase “after 45 days but within 90, 75 or 60 days of the end of the fiscal year if the registrant is an accelerated filer, as applicable depending on the registrant’s fiscal year or after 45 days but within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year for other registrants ” in the second and third sentences of the second paragraph of Section

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Currently, companies are required to disclose on the cover page of their annual report on Form K their public float as of a specified date within 60 days before filing. As part of our conforming amendments, we are amending Rule of Regulation S-X to address these concerns.

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We dv recognize that with the amendments we adopt today, the discrepancy between the filing deadlines for larger seasoned U.

Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is an accelerated filer as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Act. We do not believe that the imposition of this disclosure requirement will alter significantly the number of respondents that file on Form K.

Other commenters were concerned that accelerating deadlines would result in increased audit fees, particularly for companies with a calendar fiscal year-end, given a compression in the amount of time available for auditors to complete their work for these companies.


In this regard, we already are limiting the shortened deadlines to entities that meet minimum public float and reporting history requirements. Under the final rules, accelerated deadlines will apply to a company after it first meets the following conditions as of the end of it fiscal year:.

A less dramatic acceleration of deadlines over a set schedule each year will provide companies with advance notice of the changes they will be expected to make and will smooth out some of the possible difficulties raised by commenters.

We considered the suggestions of some commenters to extend the filing extension periods in Exchange Act Rule 12b as an additional method to alleviate any transition difficulties to shortened deadlines.

Foreign issuers that do not prepare their financial statements in accordance with U.

In addition to adverse market reaction, filing late could cause companies to lose eligibility to use short-form registration statements for at least one year, which could raise the cost of capital. We believe it is important for investors to know of 010 sources where they can access company information.

It would be desirable for companies to provide access to their previous reports on an appropriately archived portion of their website over an even longer timeframe. The titles for the collection of information are “Form K” and “Form Q. The revisions we adopt today create new disclosure obligations that are designed to create duties only under Sections 13 a and 15 d of the Exchange Act.

When the Commission made extensive revisions to its rules, forms and regulations in to further the integrated disclosure system, it adopted amendments regarding the inclusion of financial information in registration statements and proxy statements intl parallel the requirements for financial data in Exchange Act periodic reports.

The Series’ new design emphasizes more screen and less bezel, so your attention’s drawn to that brilliant wide-angle display. Different compliance or reporting requirements for affected small entities or exemptions for all affected small entities are not considered warranted at this inteo because it is just as important that information be adequately disseminated and easily available for affected small entities as it is for large entities, if not more so.

While the amendments do not cover how long a company’s report must be made available on or through its website, we encourage companies to provide ongoing website access to their reports. After careful consideration of the comments received, we are adopting a phased-in approach of accelerated deadlines, with no change in deadlines for the first year and a less extensive ultimate acceleration of the deadline for quarterly reports.


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Finally, we encourage companies to provide website access to all of their filings with the Commission, including their filings under the proxy rules and their Securities Act filings. Certificates Energy Star certified: We do not think that having two sets of reporting deadlines will be confusing. We anticipate these amendments will enhance the proper functioning of the capital markets. Accelerating the availability of this information will enable this verification to occur at an earlier point in time.

Regarding the requirement that a company disclose its website address in its annual report on Form K, some commenters were concerned as to whether including the intdl address in the filing constitutes incorporation by reference of any website information into the filing.

Front camera signal format: Most of the commenters expressing a view on the proposals concerning website access supported them, although some suggested refinements. The most common concern was that the proposed deadlines would negatively affect the quality and accuracy of reports. As we mentioned in the Proposing Release, we are continuing to consider this issue and Inntel Act filing requirements generally for foreign issuers.

Shortening the due dates for quarterly, annual and transition reports will provide many benefits. The phase-in period for accelerated deadlines of 81128 and annual reports will begin for reports filed by companies that meet the definition of “accelerated filer” as of the end of their first fiscal year ending on or after December 15, Accordingly, solely for purposes of the Paperwork Reduction Act, our estimate is that the amount of time necessary to prepare the reports, and hence, the total amount of burden hours, will not change.

Processor Processor boost frequency: Under the final rules, accelerated deadlines will apply to a company after it first meets the following conditions as of the end of its fiscal year:.