General Comment “Always darkest before the dawn! Getting anxious for someone who has passed on? Login with Google Error: Six feet and getting deeper. We do not have any tags for Hold Back The Day lyrics.

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Login with Google Error: Why not holv your maker instead? General Comment I think it’s about satanism, DevilDriver fuckin owns!

General Comment I see alot of meaning written all over parts of this song but I’m still not sure what the overall meaning of it is. I think the chorus is sayin that he still has a lot more to do before the light comes, he’s welcoming the darkness.

General Comment “Always darkest before the dawn! Take it as you may. We do not have any tags for Hold Back The Day lyrics.

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Kill your master – kill the reason why you’re upset, or suicidal. General Comment Well i can interpret: Kill your maker – daay the maker of the upset, which is yourself. You go where only fools fear to tread. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.


Devil Driver – Hold Back The Day Lyrics | SongMeanings

Obviously, Dez has got to have a pretty good life right now, and he’s sad that some people don’t experience it all. Six feet and getting deeper. Do what you must do…” You’re devildrivver the grief with those who are still living. General Comment I agree with the above, it’s about death – but for some reason, this song screams “suicide” to me.

General Comment Man, Dez is a god! And I think he’s saying that he’s at his darkest now, but it’s just the prequil to the “dawn” that is comming. Maybe all that is a load of bullshit and doesn’t make a bit of sense, but that’s just my opinion and my interpretation.

He’s saying that people shouldn’t be upset or suicidal, there’s so much more in life to live for.

DevilDriver – Hold Back The Day – Ouvir Música

Perhaps a message from a change in him personally or musically, guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in to add a tag. This kindof contradicts “Put your faith and trust in the dusk. You’ll find devices to kill your master.


Login with Facebook Error: General Comment These are a great live band. Towers people build, up in life… Become frail and fall to the ground… Fuck them, their opinion.

Hold Back The Day

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To “put your faith and trust in the dusk” I think is to say “This situation is the death of me, I can’t get out of it” – to devildruver suicidal over something.