Email Required, but never shown. In this case KernelGetModuleBase3 doesn’t work see above why. The biggest stack consumption comes from local text buffers and related structures, which the tracer creates in order to print the function name and its parameters. It accepts a list of functions to intercept and their parameters in a configuration file, and prints trace messages to a memory buffer. Top Kernel mode equivelent of GetModuleHandle?

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It cannot be duplicated or used by another process. In this case we shall extract real address from the stub. Kernel mode equivelent of GetModuleHandle?

The GetModuleHandle function returns a handle to a mapped module without incrementing its reference count. If the user decides to proceed immediately, the application will start the driver and display a message box.

It will intercept only calls made using import and export tables.

This makes it impossible to use the tracer during the early stages of the NT boot process. If it is equal, we got stub address inside our module instead of real exported function entry point.

Main appliance of these functions is writing drivers with unified binary.


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ReactOS source review shown, that they use SectionHandle in a different way. On my computer it is equal to 0x61 for the keyboard IRQ 1. In the kernel world, I do not know any documented way to obtain a list of loaded modules, but the egtmodulehandle ZwQuerySystemInformation can provide it.

It appears to do the same job. The StubManager class in stubmgr. It lets me observe the dynamics of processes going on in the heart of NT, such as interrupts, port accesses, calls between drivers, etc. In this case KernelGetModuleBase3 doesn’t work see above why.

The tracer will print all calls made by various drivers in the context of different processes and threads to the same output stream.

VirtualKD: E:/PROJECTS/cvsed/mixed/VIRTUA~1/kdpatch/moduleapi.h File Reference

Load a Kernel-mode driver from another Kernel-mode Driver 4. And I also tell this for those people, who write such clever and tricky drivers: When we alredy think, that ModuleHandle is in our hands, it would be nice to check, that this module actually exports the function we have started from.

Such a combined tool would eliminate the last remaining blind spots from the field of view of an NT developer. The launcher application remains similar, but the former interceptor DLL is now repackaged as a driver. The EnumModules class in enummods. The second parameter of HalBeginSystemInterrupt function is the interrupt number.


c++ – Using a windows kernal function via GetModuleHandle – Stack Overflow

The name of the loaded module either a. Seattle, WA, July This fixed the issue! There are several possible alternatives. GetModuleHandle for ntoskrnl is going to fail because it’s not loaded into your memory space. Rather useful feature, I should say. At the end, it writes the buffer to a file.

GetModuleHandleA function

Usage You have to create a configuration file to instruct the program which functions to intercept and how to modee function parameters. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The string does not have to specify a path. Return Value If the function succeeds, the return value is a handle to the specified module. If this is a problem, you can implement one of the other methods of detecting module load.