V1 V2 V3 V4 V5. Remember this though, after you select an input you have to select ok and let box close, Blue Iris will reset and try input, takes about 5 seconds. Hey nimrod and thanks for trying to help.. Motherboards with Intel chipsets are recommended. Drop down box labeled input is available now. Already have an account?

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For example, February has 28 days and in March when you click the date 29th, 30th and 31st, all files of the three days would not show up in the Video Event List. Please reset your router. Go to Explorer, please make geovisin it is version 5. Check out our cctv help guide page. Another thing about these cards – don’t expect 7.

If the first port is not connected, you might not be able to view video from other ports at all. Just to make sure I was telling you the right thing I added another camera to my bt card, so now I have 2 cameras on it.

If your Geovvision is correct but feovision http port 80 is not opened, then, you will get a blank html page. It seems geovision is popular on this forum. My GeoVision card beeps constantly, but seems that the camera and card work fine.


I see a “pink screen”, or my monitor video gets scrambled in some camera layout modes. Use the Geovision Toolbar How To: Other things to check are: I have found that with BT cards, Windows can only use a limited number of channels, usually just one, sometimes I can view JPEG videos from remote, but when I tried to view mpeg4 format geoviision, the html page comes up, but no video can pass through.

If you plan to install our GV-DSP card Real-time display cardor to use the full screen video mode display videos from cameras only on these motherboards, then you can’t see the image on screen. If you cannot get the above drivers installed, there must be some older versions of software in your computer that you need to delete. Please fill out the below form and one of our Security System Expert will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours or the geovisipn business day.

Geovision Version 8.01 Download (Full Version) & V8.02 (Upgrade)

Jeff, I googled around last night and found several geoviison saying the same thing that you are saying about only 1 input working. If you are not using either of the above listed browsers, make sure it supports JavaScript or Java. What is the problem? I had spent hours before hand fighting the camera to get it to work in a browser. Most likely your card has only ONE BT chip, which means it has to ‘switch’ channels to capture from each camera.


Of course, with multiple chips you could also connect more cameras, up to Every time you run the GV application it’ll send a code to detect the network status if one of the network server is enable. Right clicked on screen selected add camera, selected video tab and selected usb, firewire, analog.

Geovision FAQ – Worldeyecam

Motion detect works immediate and fine. There is a web site that can check your IP address and to “sniff out” all the opened ports under this IP.

Sometimes the screen shows an “Error ” message when the software loads but everything seems to be working just fine. Delete all GeoVision application software using “un-install”.

For wavelet compression, Please download the attached patch file ir In order to tb878 the full screen mode display videos from cameras only, no hot buttonswe recommend you choice of any AGP video cards that supports DirectX 8. The software was IQ eyes. The very old drivers used to show up as 4 different devices. What are the ports used by GeoVision servers and software?