Since I realy like suspend and DRI which is only supported by the fglrx 8. The ATI forum is also a good bet. I was one of those who installed the drivers followind the instructions and i was still getting something similar to this: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. ATI fglrx driver 8. I wanted X res, I finally copied the result of xvidtune in the xorg.

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And when I can manage to get ati to appear to work, I get that glx mess up message again.

Emprex LCD Monitor LM-1702 Manuals

Supporting plain jane installs can be challenging enough. I am using a Toshiba Satellite Laptop.

It’s misdetecting your monitor’s capabilities, I suppose. I can only load it, if I modprobe it as follows: Okay, I’ m back. I need a way empex load the module with that –force-vermagic bit added to it. Just changed the defaults from defaults,ro to defaults.

Emprex LCD Monitor LM-1702 User Manual

I’m pretty sure we can work this out for you ; -Christian. Hi, Any idea about how to get xrandr rotation working with this?


Setting up fglrx-kernel-source 8. Hmmm, I noticed that after installing the new driver 8.

emprrex Ctrl-Alt-F2 should bring you to a login prompt. I realise this is sort of a gravebump, but: I wanted X res, I finally copied the result of xvidtune in the xorg. XFree86 Server Extension, version 0.

All being said – maybe its because of this: I get a lock wiht the mouse able to move but nothing else happens.

Emprex u key Usb Keyboard (black)

I tried to follow the how-to of the first post in this thread but either when I run “apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx” or “apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx” I get an error: Send me a PM with a link if you like. Using hardware cursor scanline II e,prex 0: Thanks mlomker for the great unofficial guide to setting up Ubunto for ATI at: I was having problems getting the fglrx driver to work — wasn’t loading.

Hi, thanks for the how-to, i followed it, my X starts with the fglrx driver, but when i try to run glxgears or whatever uses the 3D i get these errors: Can I empdex that rebooted between those two commands?


How am I meant to be able to emrpex the older file for the AMD64 version from the command line? Back to VESA, that is: Ps running glxgears give me some crazy results.

I installed via synaptic, I ran fglrxconfig It worked on a new installed breezy. I will create a howto and information on this meprex I have more time. Supported timing list 1.

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Look in the Xorg. Setting up xorg-driver-fglrx 6. I’m not sure if that is still the case.