I did have to enter my WPA key, but that’s ok. Screen Brightness Functions keys work correctly? I installed the just released Ubuntu 8. No such file or directory. I am not sure if it is supported by any driver in official repo. I strongly suggest you read the article featured in Bog’s signature.

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Register Recent changes Sitemap Login. Noone has answered my question. Restart your system and you’ll be ready to go. Be sure to apply all of the updates, also it’s a good time to enable all the repositories.

This has been reported to work with the proprietary nvidia modules. Gutsy by default uses the ipw driver. There are several bug reports about this, and there are multiple vostto also.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or off the mark. There are other monitoring software available that probably could take this info and show it graphically, i choose this one, you’re free to check others. As I’ve previously used the Inspiron n vostor for my Vostro https: At the end of the automated install you’ll be asked for language, keyboard and user data.


The solution is to replace in Gutsy the ipw for the iwl Entering an unknown directory make: The rest of the hardware works perfectly, im using Archlinux testing periodically updated. However after some testing i’ve modified the from line 24 to So, how to set the cpu to mHz and mHz?

Ubuntu Ibex and Jaunty with the Dell Vostro 1510

The guides on this site should help. First of all, the outputs of lspci: Try to disable recording. And i hope i explained my problem 15510 enough if not excuse me! I also experience the internal keyboard and mouse being disabled randomly at boot-up.

I also have it with Ubuntu 9. Similar Threads – Dell Vostro I have two questions, please.

Ubuntu Linux on DELL Vostro 1510

I know there are some questions exactly about this on www. I hope it helps someone out there.

Log in or Sign up. I installed Ubuntu 8. I was able to load the Windows drivers with a wrapper, but was provided this driver after an update.


Now with the missing sound. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Dell Vostro page on LapWik.

InstallingUbuntuOnADellVostro – Ubuntu Wiki

I am not sure if it is supported by any driver in official repo. And there is no need to install it from source anyway.

Cuz i m new in linux. I have the Dell Wireless Card with Broadcom chipset. This is taken directly from Dell’s Linux Wiki http: From what I understand, Windows drivers allow access through the kernel interface, while linux kernel modules, the equivalent of Windows drivers, make vowtro directly to the kernel, and are essentially disconnected parts of the kernel.