This architecture minimises the intervention required by the processor during transmission and reception. To turn on the clock, the clock enable signal on PIO[3] must be high. A reset is performed between 1. Use in such applications is done at the sole discretion of the customer. Ct1 should be three times the value of Ct2 for best noise performance. Production Information Final Data Sheet including the guaranteed minimum and maximum limits for the electrical specifications. Data may be written or read one word at a time, or the auto-increment feature is available for block access.

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Also avoid single tone frequencies. The Bluetooth operation determines the use of the watchdog clock in low-power modes. The sequence of powering the 1. Total trim range is 0 to Full details are in the software release note for the specific build from www.

Any of the PIO lines can be configured as interrupt request lines or as wake-up lines from sleep modes. It causes some CSR tests to fail as it is internally tied to ground at boot time, but will not be used for tests in future ROMs.

The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap

Pre-production Information Pinout and mechanical dimension specifications finalised. However, there may be scenarios where the clock cannot be guaranteed to either exist or be stable after this period.


The sample rate given is achieved as part of this function.

Refer to the software build release note for a detailed description. The synthesiser is guaranteed to lock in sufficient time across the guaranteed temperature range to meet the Bluetooth v2. This ensures that the TCXO is oscillating at start up. Trademarks, Patents and Licences Unless otherwise stated, words and logos marked with? The maximum value of this resistor oscillation occurs is the equivalent negative resistance of the oscillator.

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Use in lbuecore4-pc-rom applications is done at the sole discretion of the customer. It is essential that the power rail recovers quickly at the start of a packet, where the power consumption jumps to high levels. Crystal Driver Circuit Figure 5.

The check word may be used to confirm a read operation to a memory location. CSR reserves the right to make technical changes to its products as part of its development programme. At Production status Minimum Order Quantity is 2kpcs taped and reeled.

Pull-up PU and pull-down PD default to weak values unless specified otherwise. The basic rate was the standard data rate available on the Bluetooth v1. Zero is the default entry for 5ms bluedore4-pc-rom.

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PCs will increasingly be asked to support multiple Bluetooth links as users type on a Bluetooth keyboard and move a Bluetooth mouse while listening to music on a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones and synchronising contact details with their phone or using the phone as a modem to connect to an email or internet service. This overcomes the problems encountered with typical serial peripheral interface slaves, whereby it is impossible to determine whether the data returned by a read operation is valid data or the result of the slave device not responding.


Radio activity may occur after 6ms after the firmware starts. Ct1 should be three times the value of Ct2 for best noise performance. The drive level is determined by the crystal driver transconductance. Clock input can be either sinusoidal or square wave. Bluetooth EDR could offer a potential cost-effective solution for removing the wires from such systems.

SPI Read Operation 8. Frequency trim is achieved by adjusting the crystal load capacitance with an on-chip trim capacitor, Ctrim.

Crystal Equivalent Circuit The resonant frequency may be trimmed with the crystal load capacitance. If the low-voltage linear regulator is used a smoothing circuit using a low ESR 2. The external reference clock signal should meet the specifications outlined in Table 5.