BlueCore4-ROM is designed to reduce the number of external components required, to ensure that production costs are minimised. The device incorporates auto-calibration and BIST routines to simplify development, type approval and production test. Hardware low power modes: SPI Write Operation 8. This ensures that the TCXO is oscillating at start up. The chip drops into modes that significantly reduce power consumption when the software goes idle. All hardware and device firmware is fully compliant with the Bluetooth v2.

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EDR will also open up Bluetooth to potentially wider applications in home-entertainment.

Other products, services and names used in this document may have been trademarked by their respective owners. All hardware bluefore4-pc-rom device firmware is fully compliant with the Bluetooth v2. Crystal load capacitance, Cl is calculated with Equation 5. Link Establishment and management are unchanged and still use GFSK for both the header and payload portions of these packets.


While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this document, CSR cannot accept responsibility for any errors. As well as the following mandatory functions of Bluetooth v2.


Blueocre4-pc-rom Read Operation 8. The driver amplifier may be considered as a circuit that provides negative resistance. For this reason CSR recommends that a buffered clock input is used.

The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap – ppt video online download

This ensures that the TCXO is oscillating at start up. The crystal appears inductive near its resonant frequency.

Use in such applications is done at the sole discretion of the customer. Pre-production Information Pinout and mechanical dimension specifications finalised. TX Power tcarrier Modulation Figure 4.

At Production status Minimum Order Quantity is 2kpcs taped and reeled. Trademarks, Patents and Licences Unless otherwise stated, words and logos marked with? Bluetooth EDR could offer a potential cost-effective solution for removing the wires wcsp such systems. Zero is the default entry for 5ms delay. Each symbol in the payload portion of the packet represents 3 baseband bits. A simple command connects to a dedicated hardware switch that determines whether the radio can transmit.

All hardware and device firmware is fully compliant with the Bluetooth v1.

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The low-voltage linear regulator is enabled by either: Viewed from the chip, the outputs can each be modelled as an ideal current source in bluecore4-pc-ron with a lossy capacitor. This feature is typically used to remove initial tolerance frequency errors associated with the crystal.


The next bits D[ For oscillation, the value of the negative resistance must be greater than that of the crystal circuit equivalent resistance. If not specified, the pullability of a crystal may be calculated from its motional capacitance with Equation 5.

CSR reserves the right to make technical changes to its products as part of its development programme. As well as describing USB basics and architecture the bljecore4-pc-rom note describes: To turn on the clock, the clock enable signal on PIO[3] must be high.

Program Memory in Bluecore4-pc-dom The synthesiser is guaranteed to lock in sufficient time across the guaranteed temperature range to meet the Bluetooth v2. At the baseband level, EDR utilises both the same 1.

For example, the arrows shown in Figure 4.