At one house there was so good a misunderstanding at once established, through the politeness of all parties, that we were encouraged to walk in and sit down and ask for a glass of water; and having drunk their water, we thought it was as good as to have tasted their salt. Moreover, it is said that on the approach of winter their horses acquire an increased quantity of hair to protect them from the cold. Also they asked me if I would have des pommes , some apples, and got me some. John is the first town you stop at fortunately we did not see it , and thenceforward, the names of the mountains and streams, and villages, reel, if I may so speak, with the intoxication of poetry;—Chambly, Longueil, Pointe aux Trembles, Bartholomy, as if it needed only a little foreign accent, a few more liquids and vowels perchance in the language, to make us locate our ideals at once. We inquired first at the most promising looking houses, if indeed any were promising. If the Canadian wants energy, perchance he possesses those virtues, social and others, which the Yankee lacks, in which case he cannot be regarded as a poor man. We had drank too much of them.

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I could not help asking in my mind,—what so great cause for showing Canada to those valises, when perchance your very nieces had to stay at home for want of an escort?

When we inquired here for a maison publique we were directed apparently to that private house where we were most likely to find entertainment.

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First, went the coureur de bois with the eau de vie ; then clww, if he did not precede, the heroic missionary with the eau xie immortalitae. This use of the word acre as long measure, arises from the fact that the French acre or [[arpent], the arpent of Paris, makes a square of ten perches of eighteen feet each on a side, a Paris foot being equal to 1. Youths so laid out, with broad avenues and parks, that they may make handsome and liberal old men!

There sat one or two women who had stolen a moment from the concerns of the day as they were passing; but if there had been fifty people there, it would still have been the most solitary lcaw imaginable.


Anne, le premier pont de Ste. To the rapid traveller the number of elms in a town is the measure of its civility. They not only went to war with them as allies, but they lived at home with them as neighbors.

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Roberval ‘s Pilot, Jean Alphonsesaw this fall thus and described it in The inhabitants and the government are gradually waking up to a sense of this truth; for I heard something said about their abandoning the wall around the Upper Town, and confining the fortifications to the citadel of forty acres. The most modern fortifications have an air of antiquity about them; they have the aspect of ruins in better or worse repair from the day they are built, because they are not really the work of this age.

In no part of the seventeenth century could the French be said to have had a foothold in Canada; they held only by the fur of the wild animals which they were exterminating.

The super sprint format includes two kilometer races on the same day, plus minute qualifying sessions, and then a kilometer main event the following day. He says that the toll is one twelfth in the United States, where competition exists.

I should not object to the holy water, or any other simple symbol, if it were consecrated by the imagination of the worshippers. But it is a remarkable meteorological and psychological fact, that it is rarely known to rain lead with much violence, except on places so constructed. Having thus completed the circuit of this fortress, both within and without, I went no farther by the wall for fear that I should become wall-eyed. This bridge was rotten as well as small and slippery, being stripped of bark, and I was obliged to seize a moment to pass when the falling water did not surge over it, and mid-way, though at the expense of wet feet, I looked down probably more than a hundred feet, into the mist and foam below.

We saw but little of the arcyic here, for nobody could tell us when the cars would start; that was kept a profound secret, perhaps for political reasons; and therefore we ractic tied to arcfic seats.

I was disappointed in the size of the river here; it appeared shrunk to a mere mountain stream. We called on the public notary, or village lawyer, but he had no more beds nor English than the rest. Notwithstanding all his warlike gear, when I inquired of him the way to the Plains of Abrahamhe could not answer me without betraying some bashfulness through his broad Scotch.


The hired men were a merry crew of short black-eyed fellows, and the wife a thin-faced, sharp-featured French Canadian woman. Set up a giveaway.

They appeared in rude health with a great deal of color in their cheeks, and if their occupation had made them coarse, it impressed me as better in its effects than making shirts at four-pence apiece, or doing nothing at all, unless it be chewing slate-pencils, with still smaller results.

I think candiandriver I might go to church myself sometimes, some Monday, if I lived in a city where there was such a one to go to. But it is only a glimpse that you get here.

As soon as you leave the States, these canadiandrivsr names begin. Sealing a slat fence, where a small force might have checked me, I got out of the esplanade into the Governores Gardenand read the well-known inscription on Wolfe and Montcalmes monument, which for saying much in little, and that to the purpose, undoubtedly deserved the prize medal which it received:.

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It was such a reminiscence of the middle ages as Scott’s novels. A few white schooners like gulls were seen in the distance, for it is not waste and solitary like a lake in Tartary, but it was such a view as leaves not much to be said; indeed I have postponed Lake Champlain to another day. There was no crowd where we put up. Even the names of humble Canadian villages, affected me as if they had been those of the renowned cities of antiquity. I should have liked to be present when the custom-house officer came aboard of him, and asked him to declare upon his honor if he had anything but wearing apparel in them.